On 28/3/17, PPC RENEWABLES S.A. was represented at the “Smart Islands”  event, organized by the European Parliament  (http://www.smartislandsinitiative.eu).

PPC RENEWABLES has a keen interest in promoting procedures towards the increased penetration of Renewables, regarding the production of electricity in islands, but also towards the more efficient management of waters, waste etc.  On the occasion of the visit in Brussels for that event, several meetings took place with executive officers of DG Energy.

During the Thessaloniki International Expo events On Sunday February 12th, the official announcement regarding the collaboration between PPCR and Helexpo has been issued. According to the agreement framework, PPCR will perform energy saving actions in the exhibition venue and will install renewable energy production systems in its premises. This agreement originates from the respective collaborative pact between the PPC and Helexpo, further confirming the excellent prior and existing ties between the PPC group of companies and exhibition organizers.

A group of PPCR representatives has visited on Friday and Saturday 10th-11th of February, the provinces of Kozani and Florina in Northern Greece, in order to exploit the possibility of constructing a biomass-fed CHP plant of 75 MWth and 25 MWe, as well as other units of lesser capacity. The uninterrupted biomass feedstock supply of these CHP plants has been particularly considered. Finally, the possibility of constructing Small Hydro Power Plants of ca. up to 15MW of installed capacity in Florina in addition to the existing ones in the vicinity, has been further assessed. In this regard the PPCR group representatives have delegated with local authorities and PPC local personnel.

PPC Renewables SA (PPCR) announces the funding collaboration with the European Investment Bank, in the total amount of 85 million Euro for the Company's projects in wind and hydropower production. Specifically, the loan from the European Investment Bank will cover the reconstruction program (repowering) and construction of 14 wind farms and 4 small, hydroelectric plants with a total cost of 113.90 million Euro and installed capacity of 90,48 MW.

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