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We aim to create a better working environment and mutually beneficial relationships, based on economic growth, environmental care and social welfare.


PPC Renewables is a 100% subsidiary company of PPC and has been a pioneer, both nationally and at the European level, in Wind and Solar Energy since the 80s.

Today, operating 38 wind farms, 18 small hydroelectric plants, 35 photovoltaic plants and 1 hybrid power plant, reaches the total installed capacity of more than 700MW, following an ambitious investment plan, PPC Renewables has a major position in Greek Renewable Energy Sector creating the foundations to lead the country’s energy transformation.

PPC Renewables utilizes the power of nature in cooperation with the largest energy groups and manufacturers and exploits business opportunities aiming to promote the green electricity generation and energy storage projects. PPCR innovates in all forms of RES, wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass - biogas implementing its structured strategic planning by reconstructing the existing small hydroelectric projects, expanding in new large photovoltaic and wind farm projects and promoting geothermal stations and biomass.

PPC Renewables has currently a portfolio over 600MW, with projects near or under construction around 900MW including the flagship photovoltaic project “PPC Ptolemaida”, located at the old mine field area, reaching the capacity of 550MW, one of the largest photovoltaic projects in Europe.

The company's strategic goal is to further expand the portfolio in new RES technologies, such as offshore wind and floating photovoltaics, the development of energy storage systems using batteries. Regarding the overall portfolio of PPC Renewables, technical and licensing maturity is guaranteed for projects over 4GW. Based on the company's five-year business plan, PPC Renewables aims to create an expanded and diversified portfolio of RES and energy storage projects, either through growth or acquisitions and partnerships, which is expected to reach levels of over 5GW within the next five years.

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We utilize all innovative renewable technologies to produce clean electricity with zero environmental impact. Our development includes new modern projects while we also upgrade the functionality and efficiency of our existing projects and infrastructures.


We design the new power generation projects to be close to consumption. We utilize natural resources to minimize the environmental impact and improve the life quality of local communities.

Safe Environment

We are committed that our RES projects guarantee a clean, ecological and safe environment for our employees, partners and local communities for the present, but also for the generations to come.

Utilization of Natural Resources

Our country has rich renewable energy potential, which can lead to energy independence and economic growth, while ensuring a cleaner environment.

This is our national wealth and we must value it for the benefit of the generations that follow.

PPC Renewables is a wholly-subsidiary of the Public Power Corporation and the only company in Greece active on all forms of RES.