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geothermal fieldGeothermal power, or else the heat emitted by the earth’s core, is utilized since 1904 in order to produce “green” power. The key for the production of the power lies on the geothermal fluids, such as, underground sea or other kind of water tanks. These fluids are heated in high temperatures, often exceeded the 350 C, because of their contact with the already heated, from the lava, which is in the Earth’s core, rocks.

The geothermal fluids extraction, supported by the current advanced technological methods, allows not only the electric power production, but also their use for the sea water desalination, the heating and the refrigeration of the buildings, the greenhouse heating, the fish farming etc. Today, the total capacity of the installed geothermoelectric units surpasses the 9,000 MW, rendering the Geothermy a reliable, available and environmentally friendly alternative source of energy.

The development of Geothermy depends upon specific factors, such as, the depth, the geothermal reservoir characteristics, the composition and the feeding of the geothermal fluid etc. The production of energy from Geothermy is one of the priorities of PPC’s business plan. A great experience has been inherited from PPC as the later conducted Geothermy source research in 1973 and this experience has been an invaluable guide for development in the sector.

Geothermy- a source of life for Nisyros

On the island of Nisyros, where there is a wealthy geothermal field, the utilization of the unexploited geothermal fluids, which are deep down in the Earth’s core, is the main factor for the island’s wealth and economy growth. As it is already detected from researches carried out by PPC, since the early 80’s the island has a 50mw potential, as two big geothermal fluids currents were observed to traverse the island. This implies that the utilization of the geothermal field will render the island independent, in terms of power. Nisyros will become the capital of the Green power among the Dodecanese, since its production of power is adequate to cover the electric power demand of 7 more islands.

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Explorations in Lesvos

In 2003, PPC S.A. (after RAE’s consent) was awarded production permit of 8mw in the geothermal field of Lesvos, aiming to cover/support the main power potential of the island. The above production permit concerns the development of the Stipsis local geothermal field having as final goal the Electric Power Coproduction Unit installation with installed capacity 8MW. The development of the aforementioned co-production unit includes the construction of a exploratory drilling, as well as of two productive drillings the study of the purpose and finally the construction of two or three new drillings.