Our Future Projects

solar power smSun is an inexhaustible source of power, which can be, directly or indirectly, altered in electric power. The photovoltaic systems may turn the solar power into electric, due to the photovolotaic phenomenon.

In a country with long periods of sunshine, such as Greece, the solar power is an inexhaustible energy source. The solar thermal systems utilize solar power turning it firstly into thermal and then into electric power. The high solar potential in Greece renders the utilization of the above technologies particularly productive.

PPC Renewables utilizes the sun power in order to produce electric power via the two P/V Parks. These Parks are located on the islands of Kithnos and Sifnos and they are in operation. In fact, the PP in Kithnos was created in 1983 and it was the first Park of this kind in Europe. The total installed capacity of the PPC Renewables Photovoltaic Parks is 700kw. PPC Renewables is about to develop solar power projects of great importance.

The contribution of the PP to the environment will be invaluable, since 70,000  MWh will be produced annually and the emission of 70,000 tones of c02, 680 tones of so2 and 131 tones of NOx will be avoided. Furthermore, the Park may be considered as the first step of Megalopolis to be nominated as the RES power centre in Greece.

Moreover, PPCR plans to develop P/V parks in Ptolemaida (200 MW), in Stratos SHPP (9,7 MW). In cooperation with ETVA VIPE the development of plants of total capacity 34,7 MW in various industrial areas is planned.

Finally, the company is about to install small P/V plants on roofs of buildings.